We’re sorry!! I know it’s been a while since you have heard from us. We are still here but have just been busy with changes brought on by COVID. It’s no excuse but as TEDxJCUCairns relies on volunteers, who have been giving so many hours in the last 7 years, we all just needed to take a step back. We are all still very passionate about showcasing our amazing region through TEDx.

So here is what TEDxJCUCairns is up to. We couldn’t hold an event in 2020 because of COVID restrictions. We shifted into 2021 with optimism and thinking we would be back bigger and better, unfortunately we hit another hurdle, FUNDING. Although TEDxJCUCairns is held together by our volunteers and none of the speakers are paid, to get the quality video capture we still need to fund lighting, staging and editing. COVID has stretched many budgets and so it just wasn’t possible to go ahead with the wonderful experience that is a TEDx day.

But we miss you, we miss our wonderful TEDx Cairns community, so we are getting the band back together for a Facebook live event on Saturday 27th November at 2pm. It will be a completely free event and it will give you the chance to hear from previous speakers. More details soon but please vote for the speaker you would most like to hear from at HERE