TEDxJCUCairns 2018

With less then a week to go we are so very excited about this year’s line up of speakers. Amongst the 13 speakers we have a finalist in X-Factor, an Epigenticists, a Comedian and a former Mayor who claims that the best thing he ever did was get arrested. We will also have a delicious range of local food, including coffee provided by Mission Australia’s Cafe One Van and tasting from Mungalli Creek DiaryTickets are on sale now, find the link and more information on our website. This is your chance to be a  part of the limited audience. We hope to see you there next Saturday 27th October.


The Student Team 2016

The TEDxJCUCairns event is very close and we thought it was time to introduce the hard-working student team of 2016! These six students are from James Cook University, in Cairns, and are all in their 3rd year of study. Some will be graduating the Bachelor of Creative Industries early next year. The group of students have participated in this year’s event as part of the Collaborative Project subject within their degree, and have been involved in the development of the website, the T-Shirt design, the booklet design, photography & filming, as well as other major roles. We asked each of the students about their experience working on the TEDxJCUCairns Student Team, and here’s what they said:



“As this has been the second year contributing to this event, I believe their has been a greater understanding of what makes this event successful and powerful to an audience. Each person involved has created a great opportunity for students. I have enjoyed working on this world-renown project.”


kim_student“I worked on the TEDxJCUCairns Student Team last year and I am grateful for the opportunity to work on the Student Team this year. This time round, it was like having a fresh pair of eyes and I have gained a lot more from the experience.”


lyca_student“Being involved in the TEDxJCUCairns event has been a great experience so far! It has been a marvellous time spent with everyone who were also involved.”



“I am a 3rd Creative Industries student majoring in Photo Media. I chose to be part of the TEDxJCUCairns team this year so I could gain valuable experience in learning what is involved in relation to camera operations in an event like TEDxJCUCairns.”



“For this year’s TEDx event, I have been primarily involved with creating the booklet which is given to attendees and those involved in the event. It contains the day’s schedule, information about each speaker as well as messages from the organising team and information about the sponsors of the event. I was also involved with developping the branding for this year’s event. The experience I have had with TEDxJCUCairns has been valuable and I am also greatful to the other team members for their support and also our mentors for their advice and guidance throughout the process of preparing for this year’s TEDxJCUCairns event.”


brandon_student “It has been a very insightful experience working with the TEDxJCUCairns crew, especially within the sound and filming area. Thanks to the TEDxJCUCairns crew I know now how to set up a basic live recorded conference.”


Meet the Designer of the Build Up Logo


Kimberley Morrison is a second year student studying at James Cook University. She joins many other students and aims to receive a Bachelor of Creative Industries. Although she began the bachelor with a major in Visual Arts, Kimberley discovered her passion for design and is now majoring in Media Design.
Recently, students in a class called CV2420 – Media Designs and Concepts were given the opportunity to design the branding materials for this year’s TEDxJCUCairns event. The design that Kimberley submitted appealed to the organiser and she was able to meet with Cameron LeBherz, the graphic designer at James Cook University in Cairns.

“I remember checking through my emails. There was nothing too special, just promotional emails and stuff. Then I saw one from my lecturer, Russell Milledge, saying that they’d had a positive response to my designs. I was so happy about the great opportunity that I started ringing my family, telling them about my success.”

Kimberley had two mentoring sessions with Cameron LeBherz, in which they discussed how to use her designs to construct a logo for the event’s theme, Build Up. Jennifer McHugh, who is the organiser of this year’s event, suggested that she wanted to combine lettering and graphical elements. Kimberley’s design was transformed into a successful logo within these two meetings and she is very happy with the final product.

“The fact that my design is being used on t-shirts, programs and on the website is so surreal. It makes me so happy!”

TEDxJCUCairns October 2 2015

We can’t wait until the return of TEDx to the far north in 2015, and the TEDx spirit of ideas worth sharing is already taking hold.

It won’t be long until this year’s theme will be determined and our speakers geared up and ready to present.

The event will be held again at the Cairns Institute of James Cook University, on Oct 2nd 2015.

While we wait eagerly on the edge of our seats for the return of TEDxJCUCairns, why not check out last year’s videos? They certainly provide a wealth of knowledge for all to enjoy.


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